Sorry, this page is under construction. We’ll be launching a new English version of the website in summer, 2017.

Until then, please contact us directly at katakiosk @ gmail.com, visit our ETSY Store (shipping worldwide), or read FAQ below:


1. What is Kata Kiosk?
Kata Kiosk is a self-publishing endeavour founded by illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite aka Kata.

2. What does Kata Kiosk do?
Kata Kiosk designs, publishes and distributes various illustrated gifts starting with Lithuanian souvenirs for local tourist market and ending with various greeting cards for independent small businesses in various European countries.

3. How do I get a Greeting Cards Wholesale Quote for my store?
Beyond Lithuania, Kata Kiosk already supplies greeting cards to selected list of partner shops in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, United Kingdom, and Japan. The list includes gift stores, boutiques, children boutiques, concept stores, design galleries, decor shops, and other independent businesses. Kata Kiosk is always open for new partnerships, so in case You’re interested in getting Wholesale Quote from Kata Kiosk, do not hesitate to contact us by email: katakiosk @ gmail.com.

4. Is www.katakiosk.lt an online shop?
No, our website is for presentation purposes only, but You are very welcome to visit our ETSY Store for most of Kata Kiosk creations.

5. How do I contact Kata Kiosk?
Kata Kiosk
Vilnius, Lithuania (map).
email: katakiosk@gmail.com
Facebook & Instagram
Online shop: www.katakiosk.etsy.com

Kata Kiosk is registered as self-employment by Kotryna Zukauskaite.
All designs of items, separate elements, and illustrations presented in www.katakiosk.lt website, Kata Kiosk social media pages & Etsy store ©Kotryna Žukauskaitė, 2011-2017.